Sunday, August 20, 2017

William (Buddy) Logan: A Phenomenal Man

Once in a lifetime if you are lucky you meet or know a phenomenal man like the one my cousin Martha married. Besides being a wonderful husband, a caregiver to his mother-in-law and giving her a place to live in his and Martha’s home. He is also an amazing father and grandfather who played with his grandson, Logan since he was a baby. Most of Logan’s learning disabilities seem dimly in the past. Buddy and my cousin Martha (Logan’s Grandmother) who he calls Mimi are credited with a large part of his improvement with their kindness and love.

This unbelievable man who we are so lucky to have in our family circle is 85 (Eighty-Five) years old and still operates his insurance agency in Winter Haven Florida. He works every day, attends conferences, meetings, and still mows his yard, shops and cooks on occasion. He is 13 years older than my cousin Martha, yet he takes care of her when she is ill. However, he mainly just spoils her because he loves her so, and she worships the ground he walks on every day.

Martha and Buddy Logan
In all the years of knowing him—I have never seen him mad. He is very intelligent and speaks in a soft voice. He played Santa Claus for many years—dressing like the jolly old guy and going to community events to spread happiness and cheer. And, I believe this year was the first time he did not play Santa. He recently lost his mother-in-law, Martha’s mother, my aunt; and this was the first Christmas without her. Buddies loved my aunt and gave her the respect, love and devotion of a son. My Aunt Dora loved him and sang his praises every chance she got to us. My aunt was blessed by having her daughter and son-in-law to care for her up and to the end of her life.

I know his crown is waiting in Heaven; filled with royal jewels epitomizing all his virtuousness deeds here on earth. I greatly doubt that I will ever know another man like William (Buddy) Logan in my lifetime.

My cousin Martha is a blessed woman to have him as her husband. And, she will agree that she is extremely fortunate.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How do You Treat the Woman You Love?

Do you walk up to her and take her hands then pull her gently closer to you as you take each hand and kiss her wrists? Or, do you stand in front of her without touching? Which do you think she likes; gentle touches or no touching?

Do you touch her face while talking in a low voice to her; very private and then you run a strand of her hair through your fingers while looking into her eyes? Or, do you talk in a normal voice at her and never touch her?

Do you take her to her favorite restaurant on the water to eat by candlelight while slowing drinking wine and watching the waves as they lovingly push against the shore? Or, do you take her to a drive-through fast food place and think to yourself how great it is to feed her quickly; after all you have plans with the boys to play poker?

Do you remember her birthday with candy, flowers and a card? Or, do you forget and her sister tells you what a jerk you are; and that you are not good enough for her?

Do you spend time with her on the weekend walking and holding hands while you visit the yard sales she loves? Or, do you spend the weekend fishing with the guys; drinking and having a good ole time without her?

Do you call her doing the week and tell her you miss her; then plan to see her on Saturday for a fun time during the day and then dinner that night. Do you send her flowers on Wednesday the middle of the week; making her feel how special she is to you? Or, do you not communicate until Saturday, no word, no call, no flowers; nothing from you?

Do you kiss her numerous times on your dates while sharing time together? Or, do you talk, talk, and talk about you and the guys because you played poker with them twice during the week; did she hear from you?

Why any self-respecting woman would waste her time with a man like this one? I truly do not know. There are other guys out there in the world that knows how to treat a woman. Are you one of them with this special talent? Or, are you a me, me, Jerk?

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