Friday, September 30, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: My Message to Both

Please adhere to the issues that need to be addressed on the next two political debates. Stop acknowledging comments that are only pushing your buttons to throw you off track and making you look foolish and undisciplined---and that is for both candidates.

Address all Americans and stop highlighting different races---we are all Americans who need the same law and order protection, good jobs, better schools with great teachers, hope for the future of the American dream. Unemployed need jobs and all children in American have food each day to nourish their bodies and minds.

Millions are spent on negativity advertisements when the money should be spent on our children of the USA. It seems to me all this money spent foolishly when it could be spent on our American children who are the future of our country.

Are these politicians so high so wealthy they cannot see what is happening to our children who will be leading our country in the future. Will democracy die in our future? Please stop the insanity? Will our country become a third world nation? How does the USA rank in the world on education?

These are very important issues as well as protecting our borders, law and order in our country with well-trained law enforcers. Protecting Americans within our country as well as when they travel.

 Stop playing in the mudslinging---unless you are still unborn or live in a cave without human contract all of this is old boring stuff. Stay on the issue that Americans are concerned about.

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