Thursday, June 16, 2016

F.B.I.: Does it Stand for Failing, Bungling and Incompetent?

The news media brings it up time and time again how the F.B.I. knew or was informed about a possible terrorist (s) or sleeper group (s) or red flags pop up on someone buying or trying to buy assault weapons. And, they did nothing about it! I am not saying this applies to every agent because I know there are many excellent men and women who are dedicated Americans that are sworn to protect their country and its people.

I strongly suggest that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mr. James B. Comey, Jr. clean house and get rid of the driftwood that floats in the river of indifference just to draw a paycheck. What does he have to say about his agents being notified about concerns from Robbie Abell, co-owner of Lotus Gunworks business about Mateen? I bet they will deny ever hearing from anyone.

What happened to pride and honor of being an agent? This is when the president should consider reprimanding the director and setting new notifications guidelines to share with law enforcement agencies about anyone on the F.B.I. watch list.

Why these agencies cannot share information that will eliminate American being killed in such a senseless manner; is beyond my comprehension. The height of stupidity in our government agencies leaves most Americans shaking their heads.

I feel if someone is put on a watch list---then they should stay there. How many times have we heard about someone being watched and then taken off the list---only then to become a senseless killer?

When will these agencies FBI, CIA, AFT, DEA, USMS (United States Marshals Service) stop sharing their information on a “Need to Know” rule of thumb? They are putting Americans in Jeopardy.  This is what I call “Failure to Communicate Security Knowledge” and any agents proven guilty of this should be prosecuted. And, if found guilty he/she should be denied their retirement.

Security is the big concern of Americans and it is colossal now because some of our American youth have pledged their loyalty to ISIS and/or Al Qaeda to fight against their own families in America. This is the reason that unity should be the top priority for all the law enforcement agencies.

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