Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sharing Negative and Hurtful Words on Social Media is Unwise

Writing negativity about another person no matter their race, religion or political party is non-productive; and displays a person who writes it as being disrespectful and it shows their lack of care and consideration for others.

Americans elected another president to take office in 2017. It exacerbates me to read all the negative comment about our present President Obama and the First Lady and President Elect Donald Trump and his family.

First, their children can read it and making malice statements to cause hurt and pain to somebody is where I place the bottom feeders of our society.

Secondly, the people’s vote is their voice for the future and if all Americans do not join together this time and bring the “American Dream” back---it could our last chance. That means both parties working together without discord, and finger pointing.

Thirdly, stand up for your country, your rights and be respectful of the rights of others. Do not show distain by Tweeting or writing on any social media. Be positive and find a way to share your thoughts that will be helpful and not hurtful to others.

And, remember what our great President Abraham Lincoln said in his “House Divided” speech—United we stand, divided we fall. A house divided against itself cannot stand. And, I add neither can our country if we do not all stand together for the greater good and instilling this into our children to pass on to generations to come.

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