Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Pioneer Woman: I am Thankful for You

Only recently did I have the opportunity to view the wonderful, cooking and ranch family called “The Pioneer Woman.” This show became my therapy after my husband passed away. My Angel sister Paula told me about this cooking show, and I have watched it religiously ever since.

Ree Drummond as the Pioneer Woman shares her cooking recipes, her family and their life on the ranch. And, as an animal lover I am so thankful they are taking care of “Wild Horse” on their ranch. People do not realize how valuable the ranchers are to our country by taking in and caring for these horses.

Many wild horses left on their own would not survive the environment or cruelty of inhuman people. This is one time our government did something great as well as the ranchers who protect them under their care, custody and control. I am thankful for all the ranchers who gave them a home.

I am thankful for Ree sharing her cooking skills and different way to change and improve “Traditional” dishes her way. And, I love the opening of the show where the wild horses are running and Ree shows us how much she loves being on the ranch. It is a joy to watch her children in their daily activities as her husband Ladd teaches them how a ranch is operated as his father taught him. These are fine, well-mannered, respectful and happy children.

Ree has to be part Angel to do everything she does as well as making special dishes for Ladd’s grandmother and his parents. She writes cookbooks, display the dishes with her own gift of photography, blogs, home-schools her children, spends time with her family on the ranch helping; and now she and Ladd have a Mercantile General Store in Pawhuska Oklahoma.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family, friends, The Pioneer Woman Show and all the ranchers who are taking care of all the beautifully wild horses.

I told my sister my one desire is to visit the store, and maybe one day it will happen. I am only 18 hours away. She smiled when I told her because she is also a fan of “The Pioneer Woman.”

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The Pioneer Woman's Online Shopping at her New Mercantile Store:

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