Saturday, May 28, 2016

American Presidential Candidates: Are Mind Changing Candidates Starting to Back Off on Promises and their Platforms?

Is it true that Donald Trump is changing his “Tax Form That Will Make America Great Again” or are we being fed lies and propaganda? Will the middle class receive tax breaks and will more jobs return to our American shores? Or is this another “Alice in not so Wonderful Land Story?”

I believe if the American Companies that took our jobs overseas are to continue receiving tax breaks---they will not care about the unemployed Americans who lost their jobs because of them and Congress let it happened.

As long as the wealthy career Congress members are voted back into office---this country will slowly disappear into a third world country---with no American dream in site. All we will have is the same old brown stuff being shovels from the White House and Congress.

Many Americans are buying their groceries with credit cards which have high interest rates because Congress will not put a limit on the banks to lower the rates for middle class and senior Americans. I live in a rural area of America and I talk to people who cannot find jobs---these people are not lazy and many of them are no long receiving unemployment. They cannot afford doctor or dentist visits; and most are too proud to seek Medicaid. Some still believe what is promised by the presidential candidates as they did years ago and are big believers that God will take care of them.

It is important to do your research on any candidate before you vote. I personally vote for the person not the party because we have seen how a party will not stand united; and how a presidential candidate is not fully support by the party.

It is wise to remember that the wealthy can move to another country and some might already have money in a Swiss bank waiting to leave America if things do not improve after the new president is in office. And, guess what we the middle class, seniors and the poor are left behind to exist with no jobs, no money and no law.

Make your vote count. I know some think we do not have a good choice to choose a new president from; but all Americans do not feel this way. How do you feel? Have you done your research? Can we trust what we are told from the candidate?

I did not just fall off a turnip truck face down into a cow patty; nor, do I believe every word that is shouted from a candidate’s mouth, because their biggest issue will be working with both parties that has never worked together for the people who voted for them.

I believe we should eliminate both parties by 2018 if they do not work together for the hard working and unemployed Americans that need a better life for their families and a good future to look forward as well as leave our descendants a better world.

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