Sunday, March 20, 2016

United States Corporate Tax Rate in 2016 is 39.3%

Notice that both the Republican and Democratic Parties are waving to our American companies as they leave the shores of America to take their businesses to another country; with a lower Corporate Tax Rate.

What candidate is running on the ticket to lower the Corporate Tax in America to keep our companies and jobs at home? Who is allowing business genocide in America?

I just heard on the news that Avon is moving its headquarters to Ireland where the corporate tax is 12.5%. It will eliminate 2,500 jobs; hurting American women who make their living as Avon Representatives. This could mean foreclosures, families on the streets, unemployment increasing and children in America going to bed hungry.

Congress and especially the wealthy senators should read, “Government for Dummies” series because it is very simple and I will shout it---LOWER THE CORPORATE TAX RATE IN THE USA---to keep and bring back American companies and close the loopholes.

I am convenience there is “No Common Sense” in Congress and we are sending uncaring, incompetent, with their agenda to fill their pockets bleeding: The America people drop by bloody drop.

I say kick the asinine people out and let the common sense people in. And, here is something to remember, the rich are not affected by unemployment, illegal immigration (they employ them and are served by them in restaurants and hotels) they do not care about the average person because they do not need to work to put food in the babies mouths, pay a mortgage, save for children’s college, all the time trying to afford a decent neighborhood so their babies are not shot from drive-by hoods.

If there is anyone who has not been affected by America Companies moving from our shores it is the wealthy Elite because the rest of us are being pushed to the bottom of the money pole hanging on by the last piece of rope.

Vote in November for the person who will do the most of us the working Americans---not the Elite who can move out of the mess they have made in the USA; and live in any country of their choice. Exiting the United States and leaving the working and unemployed behind as they follow their companies to countries like Ireland with lower “Corporate Tax Rate.”

Due Diligence is what every American should be practicing now in our country by researching each candidate’s résumé and choose the one for the working people that will lower the Corporate Tax Rate that will bring the American Companies home again.


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