Sunday, February 14, 2016

A President Cannot Protect Americans Against Terrorist Attacks Without Excellent Sources Reporting to Him

Do not point your finger at President George W. Bush as having any blame about 911. Click the link below and decide for yourself what agency and other reporting sources were not doing their jobs. These are the ones you can blame.

And, you can also say that a president is only as good as his men and women who briefs him on Homeland Security, FBI, and his close advisors. Having said that I pray the next president will know and demand all the information about an issue; and not leave it to the discretion of agencies or advisors to decide what information should be given.

It is best to research any issues our country has faced in the past before speaking about it unless you were witnessed it in person.

Remember, we Americans, are savvy in our research and cannot be fooled by even presidential candidates blowing smoke and not staying on the subjects we want to hear.

Presidential candidates should not talk about family members of other candidates in their agenda. It
makes you look unprofessional and I never want to hear anything but glowing remarks about Mrs. Barbara Bush. Everyone should have a mother like her who at 90 years old still supports her children.

This is My Truth and Opinion.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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