Friday, October 23, 2015

Truth Leads Gloriously

Americans want the truth spoken to them at all cost. Our ancestors paid the price of freedom to offer us a better world to prosper in for our future generations. I mean all Americans; no matter your race, religion or political party. It is time we stood together and put away negative feelings intruding from the past. We cannot go back in time to fix any injustice some of our ancestors did to others; but we can go forward now with selecting the right person for our president.

We are doing our research to not repeat our past mistakes of voting for the wrong man for president. We are listening to these candidates’ viewpoint and researching from whom they receive money for their campaign and political résumés. No more elite rulings and deciding on the presidential outcome because ‘We the People’ are here to vote for the right person.

Politics can be the sleazy at best, and we have endured it in the past; but not to our benefit. Now it is time to get busy and be a true ‘Red, White and Blue American’ and select a leader who will lead. And, stop the habit of believing all the nonsense thrown our way with smiles and promises. 

Remember the past and how Congress has reached into our homes, bedroom dogmatically and took money out-of-our pockets for more taxes.

Our America is becoming dilapidated in many areas that once shined; such as our bridges need maintenance as well as our roads. Many buildings are vacant in our cities and towns because of poor government management. And, the hardest hit are the families who are now unemployed with millions of children going to bed hungry and awakening famished.

Millions of Americans are unemployed because past presidents and Congress approved and encouraged American companies to outsource American jobs to other countries by giving them tax breaks. These people know who they are and we are watching them. The jobs were gone and then came unemployment and no jobs available, followed by foreclosures, families lost their automobiles; and became homeless if relatives could not help them.

Troubles and despondency became the daily meals with no housing for these Americans, and what happened next? Our Congress bailed out the banks and financial corporations that foreclosed on the unemployed.

 Ask yourself what did Congress do for the average Americans, the senior citizens, the homeless? Congress caused the hard-working middle-class to disappear almost completely. The middle-class always acknowledged as the backbone of America by paying the most in taxes. The wealthy jumped through loopholes and like huge American companies and paid very little; if any. And, some of the American companies that do not pay their share of taxes also received tax breaks by outsourcing American jobs to other countries.

 What performance grade does Congress get from the American people?  Very low ones indeed! It takes an asinine group of people to run this country into the ground and they did. Now it is time the true Americans spoke up and say, “We are mad as ‘Hell’ and we are voting you out.”

  I’ve watched homeless families walking the roads and highways of our country carrying babies, with little children following carrying their pets and trash bags filled with their belongings; and as I watched it broke my heart. I helped the ones I could and so did other people along the way. The people helped; when Congress did nothing after causing the catastrophe. Congress needs to view the misery caused by their rulings.

 And, what will you do for America’s future descendants is the big question? Don’t hide your head in the sand; take a stand for your life, your family and the future. Don’t be too busy in your employment, retirement or even unemployment to do your job as an American and vote. Vote for the truth because it leads gloriously.

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