Thursday, October 29, 2015

GOP Republican Candidates Should Talk 15 Minutes First on their Platform in the 4th Debate~November 10th 2015

October 28th the GOP third debate and more nonsense questions from CNBC’s Moderators. Where do these moderators get their questions? Maybe they interviewed children playing in a nursery sandbox? What a wasted opportunity for the American people to hear what is needed; to be heard.

I believe each GOP candidates should have fifteen minutes to tell what they would do as president and it should be their subject(s) uninterrupted. 

I enjoyed hearing from Mike Huckabee about the broken promise to the seniors and I agree that if the government stole from the people’s Social Security these people who voted on it should be sent to prison. 

I was so happy that Ted Cruz said what he did about the imprudent questions asked by the moderators from FOX. I want to hear more from him and Governor Chris Christy because I like his forceful and lawful answers. He is a man of action like Donald Trump. I have a blog about Donald Trump him and his family; he is one of my favorite people.

I would want the brilliant Ben Carson as my surgeon, but I am not sure as a president because I want a man, who speaks out loudly and forceful. I do not want a man who someone can talk over him. I am still thinking about this one.

Jeb Bush should not listen to what others are telling him to do. Do not attack or make negative remarks. I am a native Floridian and I know how great he was as governor. He is a quiet man who carries a big stick and gets the job done. And, if he uses his own judgement he will rise in the polls. He does not interrupt because he is a true gentleman, and to this, I say, ‘Speak out Jeb this is not the time to worry about manners—let your voice be heard.’

Carly Fiorina appears to have memorized everything she says and has been well prompt by someone for any possible question asked. Hillary Clinton will demolish her in five minutes with a smile on her face.

John Kasich repeats himself until it becomes boring and I tuned him out.

Mario Rubio needs to explain why he missed sessions of Congress; he defends himself well, but he is too-green to become president because not doing his job as a congressman. I suggest he writes another book and does not miss a session of Congress in the future.

I have always respected the moderators of ABC and why are they not using these intelligent people like Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos as moderators boggles the mind. I hope they will be moderators before the GOP’s debates are over.

I want to hear more from the GOP Candidates about what they will do for the people if they are elected, and their future plans for protecting the American people, and bringing job back home for the present unemployed, as well as securing jobs for all Americans, young and mature. 

I believe government should stay out of our lives and do the job we elected them to do. They should give more power to each state so the governor of that state can take care of the people and the issues; the federal government should butt out.

The government did a poor job of protecting our service people in the “No Gun Zones” from any armed enemy. 

Let the state governors protect and control these issues and kick Washington out of making decisions for the people living in these states. 

The members of Congress were sitting on their hands again instead of making sure these “No Gun Zones” did not exist. And, I feel if a congressmen misses 5 days from Congress he/she should be suspended and the American people are notified.

And, that is my truth and my opinion.
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