Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ashley Madison: A Canadian Website for Adults was Hacked

When the Impact Team gained unauthorized access to Ashley Madison computers to steal their data to dump; it became a threat to the 37+ million subscribers. Subscriber’s information of real names, dates of birth, addresses, credit card numbers as well as their preferences.The possibility of their personal data being sold to other countries; and with the danger of identity theft. When someone steals your identity it could be years before it’s resolved. We live in a digital world with unscrupulous computer hackers.

The Impact Team requested Avid Life Media to take the website down and they refused, so they dumped the subscriber’s information for all to see. Hackers are really data thieves not morality crusaders. They spread damage and destruction for many American families. There is a bounty of $500,000 on the Impact Team.

Beware everyone before you point fingers remember three fingers are pointing back to you. If finding the email on this site of someone you love---first know all the facts. It is possible someone added the email as a joke because the fee for joining is low. I would first talk with the person before getting hysterical and listen to their explanation. And, it is possible they joined, but did nothing beyond the initial signing up.

I do not condone any of these shenanigans in any way for many reasons and here are a few:
  • ·        A married man or woman with children---I find this despicable and shame on them. Is this how a good parent cares for their children?
  • ·        15,000 U.S. government employees---If logging on to Ashley Madison at work---these employees should be terminated because you are not doing your job.
  • ·        Government employees could be targeted by spies from other countries without their knowledge until it is too late.

·        It is not safe to join any site for personal contact without background checks on all the subscribers.

It might be wise to deal with this issue with common sense communication first if finding a love ones email. If married a marriage counselor’s help could solve some issues. I will tell any single woman you are taking a great risk being alone with strangers.

I bet by now as you read this---the thought has entered your mind---how would she handle this issue. And, I am happy to tell you. 

If I found my husband’s email on a list for an adult site and he confessed it to me; and if we did not have children; he would be picking his clothes out-of-the Oak and Cedar trees. 

I would throw out his hunting and fishing equipment that I could not chop with my axe and throw the pieces into the back field. Then I would clean out our joint bank account and go shopping in Hawaii. A smart man does not mess with a country girl’s heart.

And, if we had children---consideration for them first with long conversation with my husband on how we could fix this without them knowing anything about it. Children cannot choose their birth into this world; it is the parents whose love overflowed into a family. A family is what life is all about; not a sleazy act with a stranger.

This data issue was not invited into one’s life, but one should handle it in an adult manner to develop a more committed lifestyle for themselves as well as their family.
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