Monday, September 25, 2017

NFL Players Disrespected Our Flag by Not Standing for National Anthem

If you players were born in the United States of America it is very likely your ancestors fought for our freedom. Our United States Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guards and Air Force are fighting at the moment for our freedom. In addition all the disgraceful and disrespectful NFL Players, Owners and Coaches who do not honor our flag, our country by not standing for the National Anthem.

Maybe each dishonorable player should be assigned a mission with our Navy SEALS or Army Rangers to find out how freedom is won. Freedom is not a gift wrapped up with ribbons and bows. It is only accomplished by a continued battle of brave men and women who are paid very little to fight for the love of their county and family.

Our country was born from the blood of our ancestors that soaked the battlefields and turned the creeks and rivers red with spilled blood; from both sides. They went into battle face-to-face—each side looked into their enemy’s eyes to witness their death.

When you are kneeling do you see the spirits of the little drummer boys that led our soldiers into battles? They were proud to be chosen to march and beat their drums. They knew they would probably not return to their parents or see their little brothers and sisters again.

Most were not even 16 years old—yet they marched proudly into battle for freedom. Some were so young they cried and hugged their pets for the last time. The young boys picked up their drums and marched away to become the brave hearts of our history. The drummer boys were very valuable because their beats communicated commands that reached the soldiers from the Generals.

Maybe you will see the little drummer boy who was only eight (8) years old marching with his little puppy in a backpack pressed lovely against his back. Did you see his grandmother running into the finished battlefield to get her only grandchild and his puppy?  Both were dead, but she carefully lifted each one up and kissed them. (One of my ancestors.)

Who could kill the spirit of a child in our world today you might ask? Well, I say look into your heart and search for the answer while looking into your mirror. Will you stand and honor our flag, our country and our National Anthem?

I ask you how can people who are privileged to live in the United States of America making millions of dollars yearly turn their backs on all who died for our flag. Do you have no honor? What kind of role-models are you for your children and all the American children? Or, are you too afraid to stand against your team? Does your NFL team not respect our flag, our country, the American people or the brave hearts of little drummer boys.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

William (Buddy) Logan: A Phenomenal Man

Once in a lifetime if you are lucky you meet or know a phenomenal man like the one my cousin Martha married. Besides being a wonderful husband, a caregiver to his mother-in-law and giving her a place to live in his and Martha’s home. He is also an amazing father and grandfather who played with his grandson, Logan since he was a baby. Most of Logan’s learning disabilities seem dimly in the past. Buddy and my cousin Martha (Logan’s Grandmother) who he calls Mimi are credited with a large part of his improvement with their kindness and love.

This unbelievable man who we are so lucky to have in our family circle is 85 (Eighty-Five) years old and still operates his insurance agency in Winter Haven Florida. He works every day, attends conferences, meetings, and still mows his yard, shops and cooks on occasion. He is 13 years older than my cousin Martha, yet he takes care of her when she is ill. However, he mainly just spoils her because he loves her so, and she worships the ground he walks on every day.

Martha and Buddy Logan
In all the years of knowing him—I have never seen him mad. He is very intelligent and speaks in a soft voice. He played Santa Claus for many years—dressing like the jolly old guy and going to community events to spread happiness and cheer. And, I believe this year was the first time he did not play Santa. He recently lost his mother-in-law, Martha’s mother, my aunt; and this was the first Christmas without her. Buddies loved my aunt and gave her the respect, love and devotion of a son. My Aunt Dora loved him and sang his praises every chance she got to us. My aunt was blessed by having her daughter and son-in-law to care for her up and to the end of her life.

I know his crown is waiting in Heaven; filled with royal jewels epitomizing all his virtuousness deeds here on earth. I greatly doubt that I will ever know another man like William (Buddy) Logan in my lifetime.

My cousin Martha is a blessed woman to have him as her husband. And, she will agree that she is extremely fortunate.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How do You Treat the Woman You Love?

Do you walk up to her and take her hands then pull her gently closer to you as you take each hand and kiss her wrists? Or, do you stand in front of her without touching? Which do you think she likes; gentle touches or no touching?

Do you touch her face while talking in a low voice to her; very private and then you run a strand of her hair through your fingers while looking into her eyes? Or, do you talk in a normal voice at her and never touch her?

Do you take her to her favorite restaurant on the water to eat by candlelight while slowing drinking wine and watching the waves as they lovingly push against the shore? Or, do you take her to a drive-through fast food place and think to yourself how great it is to feed her quickly; after all you have plans with the boys to play poker?

Do you remember her birthday with candy, flowers and a card? Or, do you forget and her sister tells you what a jerk you are; and that you are not good enough for her?

Do you spend time with her on the weekend walking and holding hands while you visit the yard sales she loves? Or, do you spend the weekend fishing with the guys; drinking and having a good ole time without her?

Do you call her doing the week and tell her you miss her; then plan to see her on Saturday for a fun time during the day and then dinner that night. Do you send her flowers on Wednesday the middle of the week; making her feel how special she is to you? Or, do you not communicate until Saturday, no word, no call, no flowers; nothing from you?

Do you kiss her numerous times on your dates while sharing time together? Or, do you talk, talk, and talk about you and the guys because you played poker with them twice during the week; did she hear from you?

Why any self-respecting woman would waste her time with a man like this one? I truly do not know. There are other guys out there in the world that knows how to treat a woman. Are you one of them with this special talent? Or, are you a me, me, Jerk?

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Are The American People Watching the Democrats?

President Trump’s speech highlighted many aspirations for our country. I watched from home in the backwoods of America, knowing all my neighbors were too. Each word spoken was confirmation that Americans elected the right person for the job—finally after so many years of mistakes.

What concerned me the most was disrespect shown towards the president of the United States of America from the Democratic section of the room.

Women who dressed in white was their choice of dress and they had the freedom to do so in America. However, did they need to act worse than kindergartners by pointing down when not agreeing; therefore, not showing respect towards President Trump’s speech? Five year old children act better.

Remember when you point a finger at someone—three fingers are pointing back to you. Did anyone bring up the Democrats who cheated on their wives? There were fifteen (15) of them including two Democratic presidents. This is all in the past and Americans are looking forward to a greater America.

A greater place to live, work and raise a family teaching core values and to worship in the religion of their choice. We have suffered for over a decade and now it is time for Americans to all work together for a better nation.

My own family members belong to different political parties—some are democrats and others republicans. And, they do not show any disrespect to each other; and was appalled at how President Trump was treated. They are looking forward to a better world for their families.

I ask in kindness to the Democratic Party (Not my Democratic Relatives because they are respectful) are you going to “Fish or Cut Bait?” Will you show the rest of America that you care about the USA by working together with our president; or will more Democrats change their party affiliation and join the Republicans?
Remember, the television camera tells the story by how you act—we have already witnessed it. Show Americans that you represent all the people of the United States by your actions of goodwill and do the job you were elected to do.

And, if that is not enough remember your ancestors and why they came to America. Some of mine came for freedom of religion, free speech, better education, and a safer place to have a family.

My heart is in both parties that need to work united as one nation-“Under God.”

God Bless President Trump and America.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oscar Nomination Voting Process is Wrong

The fans that go to the movies and buys the DVDs should have a vote in whom they want as
Nominees. It is simple the fans. There should be an online voting ballot with a signature of the voter
and phone number and email address for verification of an honest and true ballot.


I cannot believe that Tyler Perry has not won an Oscar for his movies as an actor—he has played three different characters in some of his movies that he has written, produced, directed. He is an author, screenwriter, playwright, songwriter and one of the most brilliant people in America.

Mr. Perry is a multi-talented man who has been overlooked far too long. And, if the Oscars are no different this year—2017 than last year---many other races besides the black race will not be watching. It will have become an antiquated frown upon event using valuable expensive airtime while gratifying to a certain group.

Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle East and Native American actors; men and women who act their hearts out in movies are overlooked. Some produce, direct, write as well as act are never nominated. This is not a sour grapes opinion because I am a white American fan of movies and I know which actors deserve attention to their art and who gets it because they are popular with certain groups; and not because they merit the honor.

Some White actors are overlooked as well—many of my favorites. And, what would help everyone is to get involved in good movies. Watch movies like Hallmark Movies, Australia, Far and Away, Legends of the fall, and love stories in movies like Ghost.

I am sorry I am not into Zombie or Vampires, but I am sure my nieces and nephews might like this type of movie. What is needed is a movie that will touch the heart of all ages; and, I am sure there are writers out there who can write a movie using actors from different races.

An award should be voted for on past movies that were popular with fans, but overlooked by the academy. Choose the movies that have a variety of actors from different races. No! This is not impossible—it can be done by brilliant people like Tyler Perry, Samuel B. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Angela Bassett, Keen Ivory Wayans, Don Cheadle, Will Smith, and Danny Glover. These are just a few I know and I am sure there are more brilliant people I cannot remember at the moment.

Overlooked are children actors in movies—no matter the race—children should not be unnoticed. The animals used in movies as actors. The behind the \scenes workers that do an outstanding job should receive an award for background performance. It takes more than a village to produce a movie and the ones who help the actors look good are valuable too.

The Academy needs a face-lift with a new nomination method. Remember members of the Academy—Words are cheap—it takes action to correct this oversight. © BEPH 2017 All Rights Reserved











Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Will be Blue without Him

I know there are other despondent lonely people who are grieving the death of a spouse, so I sent many prayers your way. Many were caregivers to their love ones because like me they wanted to be near him/her as long as possible. Others were not able to be caregivers for various reasons; but they still loved their spouse.

My husband suffered five strokes and he had Dementia. Prior to his fatal illness he was such a sweet caring person who loved me dearly. The ones, reading this if you have never experienced someone with Dementia while dealing with disabling strokes too; then you might not understand fully the stress factor—I know I didn’t know what Dementia and strokes did to the person.

My husband’s strokes affected the part of his brain that finally destroyed his appetite. Until then, I fed him anything that he would eat. I constantly cooked his favorite dishes and he ate well for months; and then about three months before his death in September he stopped eating. He would slap it away or knock the plate out of my hand. The only nourishment he would consume was chocolate Boost. I put a straw in the bottle and tell him it was chocolate milk. He would eat mashed potatoes and ice-cream sometimes, and other time he would slap it away.

I gave him his medication on schedule-- and found he would squirrel (hold) the pills in his cheeks, even though I would ask him if he swallowed the pills; then he would lift his tongue to show me—no pills. I began to find pills in the carpet and on the window sills; so I began crushing them.

The things he hated most were baths, shaves, haircuts, manicures, pedicures and wearing clothes. He got to the point of being abusive by hitting, kicking and pulling my hair. Please remember if this is what is happening in your life; they do not know what they are doing. I had to wear long sleeves in the summer to shop at the grocery store because of the bruises on my arms. He would grab my hand and twist my fingers and push them back trying to break them. I had to take off my wedding rings because he fractures the first bone of that digit and have rings cut off another finger.

When he no longer could sit up by himself---I would pull him into a sitting position to shave and give him a haircut; by straddling him with my legs. I was always afraid he would hurt my leg that was broken twice the same day--in 2014—it has a plate and two screws in it---and I am very careful not to break it again.

My brother-in-law John took all the guns and knives out of his room because he started threatening me with them; it was only words, but it was all new to us so my family tried to protect me. And, I will not lie he made me cry many times; I would walk on the porch to be alone to cry. Yes, I had pity parties, but no one came, but me.

Early in the mornings, he was almost his sweet self for a few hours, I would sit and read to him and he would sleep after any breakfast he would eat or drink Boost. Then, when 3:00 to 4:00 pm came--he would become a different person. He would yell mama- mama loudly—that is what he called me. He also thought I was his employee. I cannot tell you how many times he fired me at night; then in the morning he would tell me about terminating that mean nurse. I tried sleeping in my bed in another room using a baby monitor so I could hear him---most of the time he would stay awake calling me to come there---I got very little sleep and I lost weight because taking care of him was demanding and it consume most of the day and night.

I finally decided to sleep in a recliner outside his room so he knew I was near and it seemed to work better. He still kept his all night yelling and calling me in his room. The doctor increased his medications that made him relax and sleep so that worked for a while. It seemed nothing worked for very long. I seem to inhale with momentarily joy and exhale with disappointment as his medications were changed—promising much, but delivering little.

I was told by many—that I should take time for myself; go shopping, to lunch with friends---to get away for two hours for alone time. (I think of that often now since I am alone---I can tell you it is not that wonderful.) The only time I left him I went to town to buy food and his medicine. My sister Paula or my brother-in-law John would stay with him. And, most of the time if he was not sleeping, he was yelling for me. When I returned home he would chastise me for leaving him and staying gone so long. I never gave up trying to get him to eat—I tried fooling him by going into his room every few hours telling him it was breakfast, lunch or dinner—and a few times it worked.

Our Sweetie Angel my Pomeranian died in March from a kidney disease, he was almost 13 years old---this nearly killed me and I feel he had another strokes at this time because he became worse. He had his last doctor visit in the office and that was a stressful time. My sister helped me get him in his wheelchair to take him to his appointment because he could not stand or walk in April and his eye sight was getting worse. Paula worked so she helped me take him when she could---otherwise I was on my own.

We lowered his mattress because when he could stand he would fall trying to get in bed---it was so high. I have pulled and pushed him onto the high mattress many times. (I cannot believe I am still alive from all I went through---however, I never thought of myself until it was over and I wonder how I did it—I suppose love did it.)

He would roll off his bed, or, fall out of his wheelchair when I left him for a minute, before he was bed-bound I had to pull him into his wheelchair and onto his bedside toilet. The last time he was on his bedside toilet he leaned over and fell off and I called the EMT’s. This year before he passed away the EMTs came to our home at least nine times. I love those guys—they are the best---and whatever they are paid it not enough.

After he was completely bedridden, I used an urinal for him to urinate. And, I used a large pad to put under him for a bowel movement. I turned him on his side which was best because I had better control; and it was comfortable for him. He hated being washed afterwards, but I had to do it while dodging his kicks.

My husband was six feet and weighed 185 to 210 most of his life. When he passed away he was skin and bones and it hurt him to be touched and it broke my heart to see it.

About three weeks before he died his doctor put him under Hospice, because I wrote to him it was time. And, what a blessing this was in more ways than one. I should have done it sooner, and I attribute not doing it sooner to being a little insane at the time. They assure me that I had done everything right and for me not to worry because they were there for both of us. These people are truly Angels. He got a hospital bed which was a blessing even for the short time. He had almost completely demolished his bed by kicking the end, the headboard and the side boards.

His pain became too much even with the powerful drugs Hospice provided for him. His nurse called the Hospice doctor and he was taken to Haven Hospice. He was put in a medicated coma—is how I would describe it and I stayed with him most of the two days and nights he lived as well as my two sisters, Wanda and Paula. This was the time when I needed my family and they were there for me. The ones who could not come called and kept in touch, these were the ones that loved him.

In closing I hope my story might enlighten and give solace to someone who needs it, and know that you are not alone. I am not saying it was easy and although I miss him; I would not want him back to suffer.  My Clinton and Sweetie Angel are together now, and this thought keeps me going forward with my life.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Pioneer Woman: I am Thankful for You

Only recently did I have the opportunity to view the wonderful, cooking and ranch family called “The Pioneer Woman.” This show became my therapy after my husband passed away. My Angel sister Paula told me about this cooking show, and I have watched it religiously ever since.

Ree Drummond as the Pioneer Woman shares her cooking recipes, her family and their life on the ranch. And, as an animal lover I am so thankful they are taking care of “Wild Horse” on their ranch. People do not realize how valuable the ranchers are to our country by taking in and caring for these horses.

Many wild horses left on their own would not survive the environment or cruelty of inhuman people. This is one time our government did something great as well as the ranchers who protect them under their care, custody and control. I am thankful for all the ranchers who gave them a home.

I am thankful for Ree sharing her cooking skills and different way to change and improve “Traditional” dishes her way. And, I love the opening of the show where the wild horses are running and Ree shows us how much she loves being on the ranch. It is a joy to watch her children in their daily activities as her husband Ladd teaches them how a ranch is operated as his father taught him. These are fine, well-mannered, respectful and happy children.

Ree has to be part Angel to do everything she does as well as making special dishes for Ladd’s grandmother and his parents. She writes cookbooks, display the dishes with her own gift of photography, blogs, home-schools her children, spends time with her family on the ranch helping; and now she and Ladd have a Mercantile General Store in Pawhuska Oklahoma.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family, friends, The Pioneer Woman Show and all the ranchers who are taking care of all the beautifully wild horses.

I told my sister my one desire is to visit the store, and maybe one day it will happen. I am only 18 hours away. She smiled when I told her because she is also a fan of “The Pioneer Woman.”

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The Pioneer Woman's Online Shopping at her New Mercantile Store: